Java: Learning to Program with Robots (Byron Weber Becker)

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Java: Learning to Program with Robots (Byron Weber Becker)

This book takes a fresh approach to explain and mastering the fundamentals of object-oriented programming.

Simulated robots are used to introduce object-oriented ideas to pupils; this hands-on method is interesting and enjoyable for both students and teachers. Robots are utilized to establish a strong object-oriented foundation on which students can build a comprehensive understanding of programming ideas using a variety of non-robotic examples. At the University of Waterloo, the robots approach has been effectively employed for about six years and has exposed over 6,000 students to Java OO programming.

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At the University of Waterloo's School of Computer Science, Byron Weber Becker teaches. Through the design and implementation of the beginning programming classes, Byron oversaw the change in the School's curriculum from Pascal to Java. Before beginning his career at UW in 1991, Byron held IT positions in the manufacturing and insurance sectors and was a founding member of a successful dot-com company.
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1 edition (February 16, 2006)
864 pages
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