Introduction to Web Applications Development (Carles Mateu)

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Introduction to Web Applications Development (Carles Mateu)

The introduction to the internet in this book includes a succinct history of the TCT/IP protocol and the global web. It describes the fundamental ideas behind web servers and examines Apache, the most popular web server, while also keeping in mind other free software web servers.

Website design is the next topic covered in the course, with a concentration on HTML and JavaScript. XML Schemas, their transformation, and dynamic webpages created using CGI, PHP, or JSP are all addressed, as well as database access.

Webservices are software components that are accessible through SOAP and have their interface described with WSDL (Web Service Description Language). In this section, the XML-RPC protocol is discussed among other things.

The last part of the course deals with the configuration, maintenance, monitoring, and security aspects.

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