Introduction to Storage Area Networks (Jon Tate, et al.)

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Introduction to Storage Area Networks (Jon Tate, et al.)

Storage is no longer a secondary concern. Too much is on the line. More strategies are being sought after by businesses to effectively handle growing data quantities and to make that data available across the firm.

The integration of storage into the network is being driven by this demand. Additionally, the complexity of maintaining an enormous volume of data and a big number of storage devices is boosting the business value of software and services.

A storage area network (SAN) enters the picture with current projections of the amount of data to be managed and made available rising at a rate of 60% annually. The dominant storage infrastructure for the modern world economy is SANs. SANs provide enhanced data access, mobility, and backup as well as streamlined storage management, scalability, flexibility, and availability.

In order to create a better data center, this book offers an introduction to SAN and Ethernet networking. People who are new to the field of IT or who are not particularly familiar with it should read this book.

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(December 2017), updated 09 October 2018
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