Introduction to Numerical Methods and MATLAB Programming for Engineers (Todd Young, et al)

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Introduction to Numerical Methods and MATLAB Programming for Engineers (Todd Young, et al)

For a course on applied numerical methods for engineering, this book was created. These lectures' primary objectives are to present numerical technique ideas and Matlab within an engineering environment.

These lectures' primary objectives are to present numerical technique ideas and Matlab within an engineering environment. This does not imply that every issue has an engineering application in the "real world," but rather that the discussion consistently emphasizes the technical method of thinking.

It covers the fundamentals while placing emphasis on the key techniques throughout the text. Additionally, readers have the chance to improve their coding abilities by utilizing MATLAB to build algorithms. They will learn how to use this tool to address issues in engineering and science.

This book serves as a textbook for an introductory course on numerical methods for electrical, mechanical, civil, and aeronautical engineering problems using MATLAB. In higher-level courses, it may also serve as a textbook or a reference guide.

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  • At Ohio University, Martin J. Mohlenkamp teaches as an associate professor in the mathematics department of the college of arts & sciences. Fast algorithms, numerical analysis, applied mathematics, and mathematics are some of his areas of interest.
  • Ohio University's Department of Mathematics is home to Todd Young as a professor. His areas of interest include random dynamical systems, global bifurcation theory, differential equations, and applications to biological systems.
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(2021); eBook (Creative Commons Licensed)
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