Introduction to Metadata: 3rd Edition (Murtha Baca, et at)

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Introduction to Metadata: 3rd Edition (Murtha Baca, et at)

Digital materials can be indexed, accessed, preserved, and found using metadata. Standards that guarantee accurate and proper use and interpretation of the data by its owners and users are urgently needed due to the volume of digital information available across electronic networks.

More than ever, users need well-crafted metadata to help them find, access and manage information in this large and complex universe.

A fantastic place to start for information professionals to learn the core ideas, after which they can follow a guided path for more research and study.

Metadata, which is defined as "data about data," offers a way to index, access, preserve, and find digital resources. In order to locate, retrieve, and manage this huge and complicated universe of information, there is an urgent need for standards due to the volume of digital information that is available across electronic networks.

The types, functions, and characteristics of metadata are discussed in this book, along with how they relate to Web resources. Additionally, the book includes a handy glossary and a description of the procedures, tools, standards, and protocols that can be used to publish and distribute digital collections. An essay on the significance of standards-based rights metadata to the operations of cultural organizations has been included in this version, along with a section titled "Practical Principles for Metadata Creation and Maintenance."

The Introduction to series covers intricate problems and equipment involved in the creation, administration, and transmission of information resources about cultural heritage.

With an enlarged lexicon of key concepts, this new version is a vital resource in the field. It covers developments in standards like Linked Open Data, changes in intellectual property legislation, and new computing technologies.

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About the Authors
At the Getty Research Institute, Murtha Baca is in charge of digital art history. She is the series editor for the Introduction To series from the Getty Research Institute as well as the editor of Introduction to Art Image Access: Issues, Tools, Standards, and Strategies (Getty Publications, 2002).
Published Date / Year
3rd edition (July 20, 2016)
96 pages
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Metadata gives a way of indexing, gaining access to, preserving and coming across virtual sources. The extent of digital data available over digital networks has created an urgent need...

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Metadata gives a way of indexing, gaining access to, preserving and coming across virtual sources. The extent of digital data available over digital networks has created an urgent need...

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