Introduction to Arduino: A Piece of Cake (Alan G. Smith)

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Introduction to Arduino: A Piece of Cake (Alan G. Smith)

This book differs from many others on Arduino in that it assumes no prior experience in programming or electronics. It doesn't go into great detail about those subjects; rather, it gives you just enough information to make things.

This book contains:

  • Use lights to quickly learn basic programming concepts
  • Make noise and music on a speaker
  • Make a digital thermometer
  • Add graphics to your thermometer to show a graph of recorded temperature
  • Play with sensors to detect light, magnets, and knocking
  • Make a rubber band gun that uses a joystick for panning, tilting, and firing
  • Be encouraged to go create your own projects! There are exercises after each chapter (with sample solutions) to help you make sure you understand the concepts

Ebook Details

About the Authors
Since 1981, when his father first showed him how to use BASIC on the Vic 20, Alan Smith has been creating computer programs. He presently serves as the director of performance engineering for Nutanix, and he enjoys enthusing kids about engineering. He has a great wife, four kids, and a wild cat, and they all reside in Cary, North Carolina.
Published Date / Year
(August 19, 2011); eBook (September 30, 2011)
170 pages
eBook Format
PDF (171 pages, 5.8 MB)

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