I Love Ruby (Karthikeyan A K)

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I Love Ruby (Karthikeyan A K)

Programming language Ruby is simple to learn and was created in Japan by a man by the name of Matz. Ruby is a free piece of software that anyone can use.

Initially exclusive to Japan, Ruby's fame later began to spread to the rest of the world. When Ruby on Rails, a well-known web development framework created using Ruby, first appeared, everything changed.

You'll learn how Ruby handles every aspect for you, allowing you to simply have fun and do more with less code, through this exceptional hands-on learning experience.

This book is intended for GNU/Linux (Debian distribution) users since, in my opinion, GNU/Linux will soon rule programmers' desktops. Almost everyone who uses a Debian GNU/Linux distribution should feel comfortable using this book to learn Ruby. To discover how to install or begin using Ruby if you are using another operating system, such as Solaris, OSX, or Windows, please contact your operating system's help channels.

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Currently, Karthikeyan A K is a professional Ruby on Rails programmer working in TechArtUs.
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HTML, PDF, ePub, and Mobi (Kindle)

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