HTML5 for Web Designers (Jeremy Keith)

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HTML5 for Web Designers (Jeremy Keith)

The HTML5 specification is the longest one ever created. Additionally, it is the most potent and perplexing in certain aspects.

What information are front-end developers and accessible, content-focused web designers required to know? And how can we make use of HTML5's capability in modern browsers?

HTML5 isn't as difficult to understand as it previously was, but it's still not simple. In the continuous saga of markup, it's an evolutionary rather than revolutionary shift, and if you're already building webpages with any version of HTML, you're already utilizing HTML5. Utilize the strength of this vitally important emerging spec with assistance from Jeremy Keith. Get ready to deal with responsive images, microformats, and microdata by reviewing revised elements and syntax. You'll quickly catch up thanks to the clear, useful examples provided.

The author uses concise, understandable, useful examples together with his recognizable twinkle and charm to get right to the point in this excellent and amusing user's guide.

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About the Authors
Irish web developer Jeremy Keith resides in Brighton, England, and works for the web consultancy company Clearleft. DOM Scripting and Bulletproof Ajax are two of his earlier publications, but he truly wants to be more direct.
Published Date / Year
(January 1, 2010)
85 pages
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Formats: HTML, PDF, ePub

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