How To Code in Node.js (David Landup, et al)

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How To Code in Node.js (David Landup, et al)

Popular open-source runtime environment Node.js has the ability to execute JavaScript outside of a browser.

For the creation of networking applications and web servers, the Node runtime is frequently used in back-end web development. Building command line tools is another common use for Node.

You will work through exercises in this book to understand the fundamentals of Node.js coding, gaining knowledge that is applicable to both back-end and full-stack development.

You will be able to create programs that make use of Node's asynchronous code execution features by the end of this book, replete with event emitters and listeners that will react to user input. You will gain knowledge of how to debug Node apps using both the built-in debugging tools and the DevTools tools available in the Chrome browser along the way. Additionally, you'll discover how to create automated tests for your applications to make sure that any features you add or modify work as you intend them to.

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Flavio Copes is a software engineer. He writes tutorials for developers.
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PDF (418 pages) and ePub

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