How to Code in HTML5 and CSS3 (Damian Wielgosik)

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How to Code in HTML5 and CSS3 (Damian Wielgosik)

For complete beginners, this free e-book explains how to create websites using HTML5 and CSS. To get started, no prior IT experience is necessary.

This book's objective is to demonstrate the skill of creating websites using straightforward language that is packed with real-world analogies.

In the first chapter of this book, you will receive a hands-on introduction to HTML and CSS, including instructions on the newest HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities. This brief course concludes with a chapter that teaches you how to create responsive web design using fluid design and media queries so that your sites will look excellent and function properly on any screen, from a phone to a tablet to a desktop.

Therefore, this book provides all the HTML and CSS skills you need on the job, regardless of whether you're a web designer, a JavaScript programmer, a server-side programmer, or a beginner.

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