How To Code in Go (Mark Bates, et al)

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How To Code in Go (Mark Bates, et al)

The goal of this book is to get you started using the Go programming language. You'll discover how to create practical tools and programs that can operate locally on Windows, macOS, and Linux development computers as well as on distant servers.

  1. Install and set up a local Go development environment on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems
  2. Design your programs with conditional logic, including switch statements to control program flow
  3. Define your own data structures and create interfaces to them for reusable code
  4. Write custom error-handling functions
  5. Building and installing your Go programs so that they can run on different operating systems and different CPU architectures
  6. Using flags to pass arguments to your programs, to override default options

You can read the chapters sequentially, use them as references, or read them independently. As you learn Go using this book, feel free to skip to the chapter or chapters that are most appropriate for your needs.

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