Hadoop Illuminated (Mark Kerzner, et al)

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Hadoop Illuminated (Mark Kerzner, et al)

This book seeks to open up Hadoop information to a broader readership, not only the most technical.

This book is the authors' attempt to open up Hadoop expertise to a larger audience. We intend for this book to act as a kinder introduction to Hadoop and big data. To read the book, one doesn't need to possess advanced technical knowledge. Even as a bedtime story:-)

Businesses now have access to vast quantities of complex, unstructured data from which to draw insights due to the nearly incomprehensible rise in online traffic over the past few years, driven by millions of connected consumers.

How this data was stored and analyzed underwent a paradigm shift when Yahoo introduced Hadoop in 2007. Large amounts of data could be stored by small and medium-sized businesses using Hadoop on racks of inexpensive commodity servers. Businesses are now able to make decisions based on measurable analyses thanks to the emergence of big data.

Major corporations like Amazon, IBM, Cloudera, and Dell, to mention a few, are now using Hadoop. You will learn about Hadoop and related terms like "MapReduce," "Rack Awareness," "Yarn," and "HDFS Federation" in this book, which will aid in your familiarization with the technology.

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  • An accomplished and practical big data architect is Mark Kerzner. For more than 20 years, he has been creating software for a variety of industries and technologies (business, online, HPC) (healthcare, O&G, legal, financial).
  • For fifteen years, Sujee Maniyam has been creating software. He has been consulting and teaching Hadoop, NoSQL, and Cloud technologies over the past five years. Sujee remains engaged in the Open Source and Hadoop communities.
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