GTK+/Gnome Application Development (Havoc Pennington)

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GTK+/Gnome Application Development (Havoc Pennington)

The GNU Network Object Model Environment, or Gnome, is a component of the open-source movement and offers a potent development framework for creating Linux/Unix applications using C.

You have an almost unbeatable combo when combined with GTK+, a user interface package that makes graphics programming simpler. This combination is becoming more and more well-liked among developers for creating cutting-edge interfaces in Linux.

These two crucial packages are conveniently referenced by GTK+/Gnome Application Development. This book is a great resource for any Linux/Unix C writer who wants to use these two toolkits because it is well-written and presented.

This book is intended for readers who are familiar with UNIX/Linux development and the C programming language. To address the demands of programmers and application developers who use the GTK+/Gnome libraries, it offers comprehensive and solution-focused knowledge.

Coverage adds to the already comprehensive GTK+/Gnome documentation by delving deeper into crucial topics including understanding the GTK+ object system, using the event loop, controlling the Gdk substrate, creating custom widgets, and customizing GnomeCanvas.

The book excels at detailing the APIs for each Gnome/GTK+ feature as well as the supporting libraries and tools (such as glib and Xlib). There is also a helpful installation guide for getting started with these programs. The author outlines the necessary APIs for each component of Gnome and GTK+ topic by topic. Events (or signals), graphics programming (including pixmaps), and built-in and custom widgets are all thoroughly covered.

This reference-oriented effort will help you easily access key APIs. This book focuses on helpful code extracts and API listings rather than entire programs. (Appendices contain a number of more thorough code examples.)

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Before version 1.0 was released, Havoc Pennington began writing GTK+ code. A few months after the project started, he started working on Gnome. He is the creator of various Gnome library elements as well as a few little Gnome tools.
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528 pages
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PDF (414 page, 2.7 MB)

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