Graph Theory Lessons (Christopher P. Mawata)

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Graph Theory Lessons (Christopher P. Mawata)

The essential foundational concepts of graph theory and its applications are covered in this thorough study. He also offers challenging possibilities to enjoy mathematics while presenting a wide range of proofs intended to improve mathematical approaches.

It makes use of the Christopher P. Mawata-created java program Petersen, which can draw, modify, and manipulate simple graphs as well as evaluate their features and illustrate them through computer animation. The software may show details about a graph, including its vertex count and degree, adjacency matrix, component count, and articulation points.

Additionally, it can determine to line graphs, complements of graphs, the chromatic number of a graph, the bipartiteness of a graph, whether two graphs are isomorphic or whether one graph is a subgraph of another, as well as the dual graph of a planar graph in many instances. Petersen also illustrates searches, minimal spanning tree techniques, and Euler and Hamilton circuits.

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(2018); University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (2004)
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