Go Bootcamp: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Go (Matt Aimonetti)

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Go Bootcamp: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Go (Matt Aimonetti)

Go idioms and fundamental code for all phases of the development process

This manual provides you with the code "phrases" you need to use Go, the most innovative new programming language available today, to efficiently and effectively finish a variety of projects.

You may create highly scalable, concurrent software by following the tested, adaptable code examples that walk you through each step of the Go development process. Working with strings, collections, arrays, error handling, goroutines, slices, maps, channels, numbers, dates, times, files, networking, web apps, the runtime, and more will be covered in detail.

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Video game development is Matt Aimonetti's area of expertise at Sony Playstation in San Diego, California. Prior to that, Matt worked with startups, Fortune 100 firms, and established businesses, where he had the chance to work on incredibly interesting projects in a variety of industries, including Biotech and comic books, not to mention advertising, social networks, e-learning, and more.
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