GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual (Bil Lewis, et al)

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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual (Bil Lewis, et al)

Emacs Lisp is the primary programming language used in the GNU Emacs text editor. Emacs Lisp allows you to write new code and install it as an editor plugin. Emacs Lisp, however, is more than just an "extension language"; it is a complete programming language unto itself. It can be utilized in the same way as any other programming language.

Emacs Lisp contains unique features for scanning and parsing text in addition to features for handling files, buffers, displays, subprocesses, and other things because it was created to be used in an editor. Because Emacs Lisp and the editing tools are intimately interwoven, editing commands are functions that may be easily called from Lisp programs and customization parameters are regular Lisp variables.

This manual makes an effort to fully describe Emacs Lisp. Emacs Lisp is a complete computer programming language in and of itself; it is not merely an "extension language." It can be utilized in the same way as any other programming language.

The official GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual from the most recent Emacs Version 24.5 distribution is presented in this high-quality, hardbound format. It is printed on paper that complies with all ANSI standards for archival quality paper and is free of lignin and acid. *** Additionally, GNU Emacs itself, the help system, and the internet all provide access to the GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual without charge. This hardbound edition may be useful for frequent consultation by professional users and a great copy for desktop reference. *** 10% of the total sales revenue from each copy of this guidebook is contributed to the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

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