Getting Started with the Java 3D API (Dennis J. Bouvier)

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Getting Started with the Java 3D API (Dennis J. Bouvier)

The Java 3D API is a fascinating new addition to the JavaMedia family of APIs, enabling the development of Internet-based 3D applets and three-dimensional graphics applications.

This book serves as the canonical specification for the Java 3D API, offering thorough explanations of each API component. It provides a thorough introduction to Java 3D, complete instructions for "scene graph" design and construction, and an in-depth explanation of the Java 3D View Concept, a ground-breaking model that makes it possible for applications to be displayed on a variety of devices.

The book also discusses choosing mechanisms, behaviors, and interpolators for animating objects, as well as input devices like six-degrees-of-freedom trackers. In-depth information about the immediate, retained, and compiled-retained modes of the Java 3D Execution and Rendering Model is provided.

This book is a necessary reference for any Java programmer looking to dive into the fascinating realm of three-dimensional Internet applications since it is exhaustive and conclusive.

  • Master interactive 3D development for the desktop and the Web now!
  • Learn Java 3D's powerful scene graph programming model
  • Covers every key component of the Java 3D API
  • Cutting-edge Java 3D case studies: e-commerce, entertainment, engineering, and more

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