Getting started with pureQuery (Vitor Rodrigues, et al)

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Getting started with pureQuery (Vitor Rodrigues, et al)

PureQuery, a new data access platform from IBM, streamlines and enhances data-accessing applications. This book shows you how to use DB2 Express-C, the free version of DB2, along with pureQuery in your Java or.NET applications.

Read this free ebook to:

  • Find out what pureQuery is
  • Learn how to use pureQuery tooling in Optim Development Studio
  • Write efficient Java database applications using pureQuery APIs
  • Learn how to optimize your existing Java database applications using pureQuery
  • Understand how pureQuery can optimize Java Persistence API (JPA) and Hibernate applications
  • Practice while developing a sample Java application

Ebook Details

About the Authors
  • As a software engineer for Google, Vitor Rodrigues creates and develops tools for the internet.
  • Software developer Heather Lamb works at IBM in Herndon, Virginia. She spent three years working as a developer for IBM's Optim Performance Manager Extended Insight and pureQuery Runtime technologies. At the moment, she works for IBM's Global Business Services as a technical consultant.
Published Date / Year
(First Edition, December, 2010)
eBook Format
PDF, 302 pages, 6.8 MB

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