Game Programming Patterns (Robert Nystrom)

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Game Programming Patterns (Robert Nystrom)

For many game programmers, finishing their game is the biggest obstacle. The intricacy of their own coding overwhelms most game initiatives, causing them to fail.

The book Game Programming Patterns addresses this specific issue. This book compiles tried-and-true patterns to untangle and optimize your game, grouped as standalone recipes so you may choose the patterns you need. The patterns are based on years of experience in delivering AAA blockbusters.

Reusable design pattern advantages are brought to the field of game programming via game programming patterns. Robert Nystrom, a commercial game production expert, offers a variety of all-encompassing solutions to issues that arise in game creation. You'll discover, for instance, how the service locator pattern can let you give access to services like sound without attaching your code to any specific sound driver or sound hardware, and how double-buffering enables a player to perceive smooth and realistic motion.

Games share many similarities with other types of software, but they also have certain distinctive limitations. In other areas of software development, some of the patterns in this book are well-known. There are other patterns that are exclusive to gaming. In either scenario, Robert Nystrom creates a link between the world of software architecture and the gritty reality of professional game programming. You'll discover the patterns and the universal issues they resolve. You'll be able to use strong, reusable architectural solutions that make it easier than ever before for you to create games of greater quality.

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About the Authors
Twenty years ago, Robert Nystrom began programming professionally, with around ten of those years spent in games. He worked on both massive games like Madden and smaller ones like Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure throughout his eight years at Electronic Arts. He has released games for the PC, GameCube, PS2, Xbox, X360, and DS, but his tools and shared libraries, on which others can base their work, are what he is most proud of. He enjoys seeing beautiful, usable code enhance others' creative abilities.
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1 edition (November 2, 2014); eBook (Updated Continuously)
354 pages
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