Free Software for Busy People (Mohammad Al-Ubaydli)

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Free Software for Busy People (Mohammad Al-Ubaydli)

You can save thousands of dollars by switching from Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop to free software. Furthermore, commercial solutions to free content management systems and website design tools can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Quality Free Software is also available. Before their commercial counterparts, the online browser Firefox and the email program Thunderbird featured security and potent features. Over 50% of websites in the world are powered by the Apache web server due to its high quality.

You can apply these skills in your business, nonprofit organization, school, or hospital after reading this book.

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Doctor and programmer Mohammad Al-Ubaydli uses IT to advance healthcare. He received his doctorate in 2000 from the University of Cambridge. The Fulton Roberts Immunology Prize went to his research effort, ImmunoSim. He has kept fusing his expertise in medicine and computing ever since. At Cambridge University, this included creating the software for Project Palm, which allowed medical students to use handheld devices to share their learning.
Published Date / Year
(August 1, 2005)
GNU Free Documentation License
199 pages
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HTML and PDF (199 pages)

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