Free and Open Machine Learning (Maikel Mardjan)

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Free and Open Machine Learning (Maikel Mardjan)

An open machine-learning architecture is described in this book. including important elements needed for practical business use. It emphasizes open datasets and free and open source software (FOSS) machine learning tools.

The goal of this book is to promote and encourage the use of FOSS machine learning for legitimate, real-world business applications. The technology of machine learning is fascinating.

The standard for commercial innovation should be free and open machine learning. For complicated issues, it is so easy to use. A conceptual and logical reference for free and open machine learning architecture is provided, together with an introduction of key machine learning ideas.

This book is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about machine learning and get started with it without being compelled to use a particular solution.

Only using FOSS building blocks and on-premise, machine learning applications can be developed. The basics of machine learning are discussed in this book, but no technical or mathematical details are covered. You will have a more thorough and practical understanding of the potential applications of machine learning (ML) for your use cases after reading this book.

In a Free, Open, and Simple manner, this book enables everyone to get a head start with the potent machine learning technology.

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About the Authors
Business IT architect Maikel Mardjan enjoys creating straightforward designs for intricate IT systems.
Published Date / Year
(March 21, 2020); eBook (Living Document, Constantly Updating)
CC BY-SA 4.0
268 pages
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