Essential Skills for Agile Development (Ka Iok Tong)

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This ebook is a comprehensive, pragmatic tutorial on Agile development and severe programming, written via a software program developer for software program developers.

Agile development, especially, excessive Programming (XP), has been gaining a whole lot of momentum because it could effectively deal with the problems plaguing software program improvement including misinformation about customers' necessities, missing deadlines, over-price range, conflicts between customers and builders and bad maintainability of legacy structures.

However, it is so difficult to train the skills had to be agile. In 2002, we, the Macau productivity and technology middle (CPTTM), started to preserve publications on XP and item-oriented design to train the abilities by hiring a well-known software program education and consulting organization to do the coaching. even though the instructor turned into very expert and instructive and the scholars had been glad, they failed to acquire the abilities taught. We knew that it turned into due to the fact the concepts involved have been abstract and it wished a long way extra sports for the students to practice in the guides. consequently, we are determined to increase our own education substances. particularly, we selected the 20% of the capabilities in agile improvement that supply 80% of the fee, ignoring the alternative useful but non-important competencies. Then we explained the one's critical abilities in phrases of examples and introduced quite a few real international examples as exercises. After adopting this set of materials, the scholars definitely received the competencies taught.

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Ka Iok 'Kent' Tong, has a grasp diploma in computer technological know-how from the brand new South Wales college, Sydney, Australia. He become the winner of the Macao Programming competition (Open class) In 1992. 
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(June 2004)
432 pages
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