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Gaming underwent a fundamental transformation in December 1993. The groundbreaking shooter DOOM from id Software was published, upending the industry's very foundations.

This book explores what is regarded as the most significant first-person game ever created, as well as the model that helped create one of the most popular digital gaming subgenres.

For the first time, Pinback compiles the whole DOOM saga. The explanation of the early years of first-person gaming and the video game studio setup sets the stage. It provides a thorough analysis of the gameplay and level design as well as touches on the prototypes and ground-breaking technology that helped the game advance. The parts that follow discuss DOOM's contributions to the larger gaming culture, including online multiplayer, the mod scene, and a discussion of the numerous ports and sequels the game inspired. With a focus on DOOM's significance as a foundational product, this in-depth research sets the stage for a lengthy discussion of the first-person gaming genre. This analysis also provides a way to better grasp how the genre has changed since 1993.

Pinchbeck makes considerable use of original sources, including the game itself, the fervent fandom that surrounds it, and interviews with the game's creators. The book has a very specific focus and drives because of this level of access to the creative process provided by the reflections of some of the most well-known figures in the gaming industry. It seeks to be the final word on DOOM as well as a picture of a time in gaming history, a declaration of a development ethos, and a celebration of the greatest in gaming culture.

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About the Authors
In addition to serving as the Creative Director of thechineseroom, an independent game production firm driven by research, Dan Pinchbeck is a Senior Lecturer of Creative Technologies at the University of Portsmouth.
Published Date / Year
(June 18, 2013); eBook (Creative Commons Licensed)
200 pages
eBook Format
PDF, ePub, and Read Online

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