Do It Yourself Agile, 2nd Edition (Damon Poole)

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Do It Yourself Agile, 2nd Edition (Damon Poole)

This is the only resource that will help you get started with agile quickly and succeed over the long term. It is realistic and practical. It includes thorough suggestions, potent advice, and actual case studies gleaned from his unmatched experience assisting hundreds of software firms in implementing agile.

This book is for practical software professionals looking for solutions to the toughest problems they encounter when implementing agile. Every aspect of the shift is covered, including starting off, assisting people in adjusting to new responsibilities, team structuring, scaling up, working with a distributed team, and lastly putting in place efficient measurements and continuous improvement.

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(September, 2009)
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HTML and PDF (182 pages, 2.2 MB)

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