Discourses on Social Software (Jan van Eijck, et al)

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Discourses on Social Software (Jan van Eijck, et al)

Can computers help us with our societal issues? With Social Software Discourses It is suggested that it can by Jan Van Eijck and Rineke Verbrugge, who also give the reader a fascinating introduction to the cutting-edge topic of social software.

This collection details the many ways in which the seemingly abstract disciplines of logic and computer science can be used to analyze and resolve modern social problems. Participants in the discussions included a logician, a computer scientist, a philosopher, and a number of researchers from various other academic fields.

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About the Authors
  • At the CWI Amsterdam and Utrecht University, Jan van Eijck teaches computational linguistics and computer science.
  • Professor of logic and cognition at the University of Groningen is Rineke Verbrugge.
Published Date / Year
(August 15, 2010)
270 pages
eBook Format
PDF, 2.97 MB

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