Differential Geometry: A Geometric Introduction (David W. Henderson)

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Differential Geometry: A Geometric Introduction (David W. Henderson)

The only book that presents differential geometry using a combination of a problems-based methodology, a rigorous relationship with traditional formalisms, and computer exercises using Maple.

Differential Geometry uses basic intuitive geometry as a starting point in order to make the subject matter more approachable and the formalism more intelligible. To help readers comprehend issues better, the book presents them as challenges. Additionally, unlike previous books, this one teaches hyperbolic geometry in the first chapter rather than the last. A crucial source of information and resources for everyone who wants to comprehend the basics of differential geometry.

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At Cornell University's Department of Mathematics, David W. Henderson served as an emeritus professor of mathematics. His research includes the study of algebraic geometry, the history of mathematics in Persia, and exploratory mathematics for aspiring math teachers.
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12 May 2014
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