Developing SharePoint Applications (Microsoft Corporation)

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The growing SharePoint package steering helps architects and builders layout and construct programs that might be flexible and scaleable. It shows developers how to provide IT specialists with the facts they want to hold the one's applications and diagnose issues once they stand up.

The two reference implementations illustrate how to solve many of the common challenges developers encounter.

One reference implementation addresses fundamental problems consisting of growing lists and content sorts. the opposite addresses greater superior problems consisting of the way to integrate line of enterprise services, the way to create collaboration sites programmatically, and how to customize factors of publishing and navigation.

A library of reusable components enables you to undertake strategies used inside the reference implementations. The steering discusses approaches for trying out SharePoint programs, including the way to create unit tests, and documents experiences with strain and scale trying out one of the reference implementations.

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(Sep 17 2009)
468 pages
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