Database Design, 2nd Edition (Adrienne Watt, et al)

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Database Design, 2nd Edition (Adrienne Watt, et al)

Database systems and database design ideas are covered in this book. It offers succinct, simple-to-read descriptions of how to create database designs that work from the start.

Additionally, it provides a ton of examples to assist you to stay clear of the many traps that both novice and experienced database designers stumble into.

Creating databases is not a precise science. Many people are shocked to learn that poor database architecture, rather than challenges with the database management software, is to blame for issues with their databases. In order to comprehend the issue, you are trying to address and develop a practical design that captures the fundamentals while leaving room for eventual extensions and revisions, this book will help you ask and answer crucial questions about your data.

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  • Adrienne Watt had senior IT positions as a project manager, database designer, administrator, and business analyst, among others. She has recently started experimenting with a wide range of tech-related tools and procedures to boost her teaching strategies and her pupils' learning.
  • Nelson Eng worked for Science World of British Columbia for 11 years as the computer systems coordinator and at Douglas College for 14 years as an instructor of computer science and information systems.
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