Cryptography: An Introduction, 3rd Edition (Nigel Smart)

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Cryptography: An Introduction, 3rd Edition (Nigel Smart)

This book offers the meticulous detail necessary for advanced cryptographic studies, but it also takes an approachable approach to the material to help new students navigate challenging mathematical concepts.

It offers the meticulous detail necessary for advanced cryptography studies while also taking an approachable stance to help new students through challenging mathematical concepts. This book is a comprehensive introduction to cryptography and covers the most recent advancements in computer cryptography, such as the Rijndael algorithm selected for the new Advanced Encryption Standard, the OAEP padding mechanism for RSA, and contemporary stream ciphers.

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Professor Nigel Smart works at COSIC at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. He is a cryptographer with knowledge of both the theory and practical uses of cryptography.
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(December 30, 2004); eBook (3rd Edtion, 2013)
433 pages
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Mulyiple formats: PDF, PostScript, etc.

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