Computers and Thought: A Practical Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Mike Sharples, et al)

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Computers and Thought: A Practical Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Mike Sharples, et al)

Readers without a background in computing can learn about artificial intelligence in a coherent, self-contained manner from Computers and Thought.

The text uses an original extended AI programming project called the Automated Tourist Guide exercise to illustrate the concepts covered and demonstrate how AI truly functions. The majority of chapters provide an overview of a certain AI issue and include sections on its history, theories, applications, and drawbacks of earlier ideas.

There are also suggested books, a glossary, graded tasks at the end of each chapter, and an appendix on programming. Computer simulations of human behaviors, including problem-solving, natural language understanding, and computer vision, are covered in Computers and Thought, which also goes into length into the theory and problems surrounding AI. Its examination of AI is helpfully expanded to include models of cognition, the nature of mind and intelligence, as well as the societal implications of cognitive science and AI.

The computer language is POP-11, which is simple to learn, has a look like PASCAL, and can be used interactively, like LISP. The simplicity with which the language can be comprehended from the printed text makes it unnecessary to execute the example POP-11 programs on a computer.

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About the Authors
  • Professor of computer science at the University of British Columbia, David Poole. He is renowned for his work on probabilistic inference, relational probabilistic models, and abductive and default reasoning. More recently, he has been focusing on semantic science, which integrates ontologies, data, and sophisticated probabilistic theories.
  • At the University of British Columbia, Alan Mackworth holds the position of professor of computer science and holder of the Canada Research Chair in Artificial Intelligence. He is renowned for his work in robot soccer, hybrid systems, and constraint-based agents and systems.
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(October 20, 1989)
401 pages
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