Computer Science Tapestry: Exploring Programming and Computer Science with C++ (Owen L. Astrachan)

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Computer Science Tapestry: Exploring Programming and Computer Science with C++ (Owen L. Astrachan)

This book is intended for a first-year computer science course1 that employs C++ as the primary programming language.

My intention in developing the book was not to explore the syntax of a complex language like C++, but rather to take advantage of the language's strongest points while applying good programming and teaching techniques to the study of computer science and software development. My hope is that mastering the information offered here will result in:

  • A strong grounding in the analysis, construction, and design of programs and programming.
  • A means for honing problem-solving skills associated with the study of computer programming and a taste of both the science and engineering aspects of programming.
  • An introduction to computer science that gives the student more of an idea of what the discipline is about than most introductory programming texts.

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About the Authors
Owen L. Astrachan is a professor of Computer Science at Duke University.
Published Date / Year
(April 1, 2000)
880 pages

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