Complete Showplan Operators (Fabiano Amorim)

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Complete Showplan Operators (Fabiano Amorim)

It's not simple to write good TSQL code. Strange things start to happen after you send the code to the query optimizer. The execution plans give you the only useful insight into what the optimizer chose to accomplish.

Execution plan comprehension requires a lot of effort. Count on me for that. You need as much information as you can acquire in order to truly understand your questions. This fantastic compilation of articles on some of the more typical execution plan operators fills that need.

In an effort to illustrate the behavior of the optimizer, the author has taken the time to really dive into the behavior of a small group of execution plan operators. In a kind manner, he has looked at why things happen and how you might influence them either positively or badly. To understand something, you need knowledge and information.

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About the Authors
The SQL Server Query Processor's ability to optimize queries intrigues, Fabiano Amorim.
Published Date / Year
(October 10, 2011)
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PDF and ePub

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