Communications and Networking (Jun Peng)

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Communications and Networking (Jun Peng)

The principles of data communications, telephone system operation, local area networks, internetworking, and Internet communications are all thoroughly covered in this book.

It focuses on the problems at the bottom two layers of networking and communications and presents some new research findings on some of these problems. In particular, it quickly presents some results on some other significant areas including security and the use of wireless networks before introducing recent research results on several crucial challenges at the physical layer and data link layer of communications and networking. In conclusion, this book explores a wide range of fascinating communications and networking subjects. The introductions, information, and references in this book will inform readers about the subject and encourage them to learn more about this fascinating and rapidly developing discipline.

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Published Date / Year
(September 2010)
434 pages
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zipped PDF, 11.54 MB

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