Co-creating Videogames (John Banks)

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Co-creating Videogames (John Banks)

An important cultural and economic phenomenon is now co-creativity. Media producers have evolved from media consumers.

The videogames industry's new participative, co-creative interactions are thoroughly described and analyzed in this book. The difficulties of including these co-creative partnerships in the development process are covered. The book provides us with important insight into the rapidly expanding and changing world of video games by drawing on ten years of industry research.

This book offers a unique blend of in-depth access to the locations where videogame manufacturing takes place and insightful analysis that defies simple solutions. In the new economies (in the broad sense) that video games have introduced into the cultural scene, his depiction of co-creative digital production demonstrates how innovation, unpredictability, and value mix. His readiness to acknowledge the top-down design and contrivance components that unavoidably shape the ostensibly "bottom-up" dynamics of digital culture production makes a significant contribution.

Anyone interested in or involved in cultural production in the digital age should have this book on their bookshelf.

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About the Authors
Dr. John Banks is a senior lecturer (Head of Postgraduate Coursework Studies) and researcher at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia's Creative Industries faculty. In the creative industries, particularly video games and interactive entertainment, he conducts research and writes about co-creativity, innovation, and social media. He is particularly interested in corporate culture and the work environment.
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(July 18, 2013)
200 pages
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