Cloud Design Patterns: Prescriptive Architecture Guidance for Cloud Applications (Alex Homer, et al)

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Cloud Design Patterns: Prescriptive Architecture Guidance for Cloud Applications (Alex Homer, et al)

Applications on the cloud have a distinct set of traits. They operate on common hardware, offer services to unauthorized users, and manage erratic workloads.

You must find solutions to a variety of issues that these characteristics impose as a designer or developer. Your applications must be resilient to recover from errors, secure to guard against malicious attacks, and elastic to adapt to a workload that is always changing.

This manual provides examples of design patterns that might assist you in finding solutions to issues that may arise while developing cloud applications in a variety of fields. Each pattern examines design issues and details how to use Windows Azure technologies to implement them. The patterns are divided into the following categories: resilience, management and monitoring, availability, data management, design and implementation, messaging, performance and scalability, and security.

Additionally, you will find more general advice pertaining to these areas of concern. It teaches important ideas like asynchronous messaging and data consistency. The fundamental issues for building features like data segmentation, telemetry, and hosting in various datacenters are also helpfully outlined and explained.

You may increase the caliber of the applications and services you produce and increase the effectiveness of the development process by using these patterns and guidelines. Enjoy!

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About the Authors
  • Technical writer Alex Homer works at Microsoft Patterns & Practices.
  • A principal technologist at Content Master is John Sharp (
  • Senior Tester Larry Brader works for Microsoft's patterns & practices division.
  • One of the company's founders and a software architect, Trent Swanson uses cloud computing technologies at Full Scale 180.
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238 pages
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