Circuit Design Using Personal Computers (Thomas R. Cuthbert)

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Circuit Design Using Personal Computers (Thomas R. Cuthbert)

It is simple to use both traditional and complex design techniques with this practical guide to creating electronic circuits utilizing tiny computers and programmable calculators.

It clarifies design methods and foundational ideas via the interaction between a circuit designer and a computer. Additionally, it demonstrates how to swiftly get relevant results while getting a feel for the process and gaining an understanding of fundamental operations, such as the discrepancies between exact derivatives and their finite-difference estimates.

Both practicing electrical engineers and college students who are at least in their senior year should read this book. Its subjects will also be of interest to electronics engineers, who develop circuits with impedance matching, filtering, and linear amplification based on complicated variables and functions. These methods can be used to construct circuits that operate at frequencies ranging from millimeter waves to very low frequencies. Readers without any particular applications will also find the requisite numerical approaches interesting.

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Published Date / Year
(February 1994)
494 pages
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PDF (509 pages, 12 MB)

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