C++ Annotations: An Extensive Tutorial about the C++ Programming Language (Frank B. Brokken)

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C++ Annotations: An Extensive Tutorial about the C++ Programming Language (Frank B. Brokken)

This book is designed for experienced C (or any other language with grammar similar to C, such as Perl or Java) users who want to learn more about or make the switch to, C++.

This book serves as the primary text for Frank's yearly C++ programming courses at the University of Groningen. However, not all facets of C++ are covered in the C++ Annotations. Particularly, as compared to the grammar of C, the fundamentals of C++ are not taught. To review that portion of the syntax of C++, study any fundamental C book.

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About the Authors
Frank B. Brokken is a professor at the University of Groningen.
Published Date / Year
2021 - Date (Updated Continuously)
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Online, HTML, PDF files

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