C# 1: Introduction to programming and the C# language (Poul Klausen)

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C# 1: Introduction to programming and the C# language (Poul Klausen)

The book provides an accessible basic introduction to programming and C# that covers both the C# programming language and the fundamentals of object-oriented programming through a series of straightforward examples.

The objective is to provide the fundamental knowledge required to create comprehensive applications and advance to more specialized programming topics. The book covers basic principles as well as files and collection classes, with a focus on object serializing. Two slightly larger examples that deal with the numerous topics of the book's many chapters in a larger context make up the book's conclusion.

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About the Authors
Poul Klausen holds a master's degree in mathematics with an emphasis in algebraic topology from Aarhus University. After graduating from college and receiving further pedagogical training, Poul Klausen has worked largely as a teacher, with a focus on IT education. 
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PDF (289 pages)

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