Build a Computer from Scratch (Jeff Heaton)

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Build a Computer from Scratch (Jeff Heaton)

Do you want to discover how to construct a computer system? You can get the precise computer system you require by building your own. This book will walk you through each step necessary to build a robust computer system. More than 120 pictures are included to help you through the process.

Sample designs for computer systems that focus on uses like gaming, video editing, general use, or an economic system are also included in this book. Study the hard drives, CD/DVD drives, motherboards, CPUs, RAM, cases, power supply, and fans that are all part of a computer system. However, the most crucial thing is to understand what goes with what.

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An author, college professor, and consultant, Jeff Heaton. Jeff resides in Chesterfield, Missouri (St. Louis). Jeff is an expert in programming for the Internet, socket-level/spidering, and artificial intelligence. He is the author of four books and more than twenty journal and magazine articles. In St. Louis, Missouri, Jeff teaches for Maryville University. 
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