Bringing Design to Software (Terry Winograd)

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Bringing Design to Software (Terry Winograd)

The purpose of this book is to enlighten and inspire the field of software design. It addresses the growing demand for the software industry to build software that actually works—software that fits people and situations far better than the examples we see today. It does this by gathering insights and expertise from professionals in a variety of industries.

The book explores the issues and concerns that most directly influence the functionality, usability, and significance of software, using Terry Winograd's introductory framework to guide readers through thoughtful essays, astute interviews, and instructive profiles of successful projects and programs. Some of the most well-known figures in the computing and design sectors are among the contributors. Survey of Programming Languages and Compilers

Software development has frequently been done in isolation from the numerous lessons that have been learned from designing physical products or non-computer processes. This collection of essays offers crucial inspiration for thoughtful software designers motivated by real-world considerations of what functions well and why.

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About the Authors
Professor of computer science at Stanford University, Terry Winograd has created a ground-breaking course on software design.
Published Date / Year
1 edition (April 12, 1996)
352 pages
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