Blockchain for Dummies, 2nd IBM Limited Edition (Manav Gupta)

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Blockchain for Dummies, 2nd IBM Limited Edition (Manav Gupta)

Some of the largest industries in the world are being upended by blockchain technology. This free programming book offers a simple method to brush up on the fundamentals of this rapidly developing technology. This book can assist readers in comprehending what a blockchain can (and cannot) achieve because it was written by a person involved in developing and researching blockchain solutions.

You gain knowledge of what blockchain is, how it functions, and how it might benefit your company and the sector in which it operates. You gain an understanding of blockchain's basics and how it has the potential to completely transform corporate networks and transactions.

You also learn the crucial distinction between "blockchain" and "blockchain for business," as well as what makes blockchain the best method for simplifying corporate networks.

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Published Date / Year
Free eBook Complimented by IBM
212 pages
eBook Format
PDF (51 pages)
978-1119555018; 978-1119546016 (eBook)

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