Beginning Microsoft® Excel® (Noreen Brown, et al)

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Beginning Microsoft® Excel® (Noreen Brown, et al)

This textbook was created for a Microsoft Excel-based beginning spreadsheet course at a community college. The lecture was created to be applicable to previous versions of Excel as well, even though the figures displayed use Excel 2016.

The book is suitable for students in any major who have never used Excel before and exposes new users to the fundamentals of spreadsheets.

With the help of this thorough beginner's guide, you may advance your Excel proficiency significantly. This book contains some incredibly clever strategies that will help you succeed in your day-to-day work. Excel can handle a variety of activities, from the straightforward (like generating a project timeline or keeping track of a budget) to the more challenging (such as arranging process maps for flowcharts or even analyzing corporate cashflows).

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Lehigh University's Rauch Center for Business Communications is run by Joseph M. Manzo, a professor of practice in the Accounting department and dean of the College of Business and Economics.
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HTML, PDF, ePub, and MOBI (Kindle)

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