Artificial Intelligence: Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving (George F. Luger)

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Artificial Intelligence: Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving (George F. Luger)

George Luger encapsulates the essence of artificial intelligence in handling the complicated challenges that arise everywhere computer technology is employed in this understandable, thorough textbook.

It explains the fundamental ideas of the field first before going into detail with the practical material required to put the algorithms and tactics described into practice. It is ideal for an undergraduate AI course. Readers gain knowledge of a variety of software tools and methods that computer scientists employ to meet the myriad difficulties they confront today.

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About the Authors
Since 1979, George F. Luger has held a professorial position in the University of New Mexico's Department of Computer Science. Pure and applied mathematics are the subjects of his two master's degrees. In 1973, he earned his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. 
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6 edition (March 7, 2008); eBook (5th Edition)
784 pages
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