Apache Jakarta Commons: Reusable Java Components (Will Iverson)

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Apache Jakarta Commons: Reusable Java Components (Will Iverson)

The Apache Jakarta Commons project consists of a number of open-source, freely reusable Java components. Numerous projects, including Apache Tomcat, Hibernate, and numerous more for-profit and open-source initiatives, utilize commons components.

A Java developer's guide to the Apache Jakarta Commons project is provided in this book. The twelve most significant Commons packages are covered in depth, and a sample program code is provided for each. There are several incredibly helpful suggestions for using the various Commons packages, including using HttpClient to access web resources, File Upload to handle HTTP file uploads, BeanUtils to create forms quickly, implementations of various protocols like FTP and NNTP, and creating a command-line tool to look up the locations of classes on the classpath. Additionally, comprehensive directions are provided for integrating the Commons project libraries with the well-known Eclipse IDE. A helpful 75-page fast reference appendix for the Jakarta Commons is also included in the book.

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Since 1990, Will Iverson has held a professional position in the field of computers and information technology. His varied experience includes product management for Apple Computer, building statistical tools to evaluate data from NASA's Space Shuttle, and developer relations for Symantec's VisualCaf. Will operated a standalone J2EE consulting business for almost five years, serving clients like Sun, BEA, and Canal+ Technologies. He is currently SolutionsIQ's application development practise manager. In Seattle, Washington, Will resides.
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(February 17, 2005)
360 pages
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PDF, 7.71 MB

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