An Introduction to Software Engineering and Fault Tolerance (Patrizio Pelliccione, et al)

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An Introduction to Software Engineering and Fault Tolerance (Patrizio Pelliccione, et al)

This book is made up of chapters outlining cutting-edge methods for incorporating fault tolerance into the software development process.

They address a broad range of subjects with a focus on fault tolerance throughout the various stages of software development, software engineering approaches for verifying and validating fault tolerance measures, and languages for supporting fault tolerance design and implementation. The book is divided into the following three sections as a result. Part A covers fault tolerance engineering, from requirements to code; Part B covers fault tolerant system verification and validation, and Part C covers fault tolerant system engineering languages and tools.

This book is designed for IT specialists and developers that are starting their way into the free software development universe. Free Software is developed with specific collaboration technics and tools that engage and enable worldwide communities. Professionals need to handle different programming technics, and languages and develop specific workgroup skills.

The programming languages used in this book are C, C++, and Java.

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