An Introduction to Nonlinear Optimization Theory (Marius Durea)

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An Introduction to Nonlinear Optimization Theory (Marius Durea)

The essential concepts and methods in the subject of continuous smooth and nonsmooth optimization are presented in this book.

The book focuses on both theoretical and practical elements of this field, beginning with the case of differentiable data and the traditional conclusions on limited optimization problems, then moving on to the subject of nonsmooth objects involved in optimization theory. This book prepares those who are engaged in research by giving repeated insights into ideas that are subsequently dealt with and illustrated in detail.

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About the Authors
Radu Strugariu, "Gheorghe Asachi," Technical University of Iasi, Iasi, Roman Marius Durea, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza," University of Iasi
Published Date / Year
(December 15, 2014)
328 pages
eBook Format
PDF and ePub

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