Against Intellectual Property (Stephan N Kinsella)

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Against Intellectual Property (Stephan N Kinsella)

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Justifiably, this monograph is regarded as a modern classic. The entire foundation of intellectual property has been reexamined by libertarians all around the world thanks to Stephan Kinsella.

Both Mises and Rothbard have issued anti-patent statements. However, Kinsella takes this argument even further by including copyrights and trademarks in his claim that patents themselves are incompatible with a free market.

They all deploy force in ways that violate property rights and the freedom of contract while faking artificial scarcities of non-scarce items.

The rigor of his reasoning, which takes time to sink in merely because it looks so stunning at first, left many readers who read this article for the first time unprepared. But Kinsella argues persuasively and uses examples that are overwhelmingly convincing to support his position.

It's impossible to exaggerate its importance in the digital age. The state uses coercion against potential competitors and customers while collaborating with monopolistic private manufacturers to stifle innovation and halt technological advancement. The widespread misunderstandings about what is legal and what is merely claimed as property have a significant impact on even U.S. foreign policy.

What Kinsella is advocating is nothing more or less than a pure free market, which he claims would not produce anything approximating what we currently refer to as intellectual property. He contends that IP is not an extension of actual ownership but rather a state-enforced legal norm.

There have been a few pieces in recent decades that have sparked such profound reflection. It is crucial for libertarians to comprehend all of the arguments surrounding this matter. This article by Kinsella is remarkable in how it presents an argument against intellectual property that proves to be more rigorous and complete than any written on the left, right, or anywhere in between.

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Houston, Texas-based patent lawyer, and libertarian author Stephan Kinsella. He is a founding member of the Property and Freedom Society, the Executive Editor of Libertarian Papers, and the Director of the Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom (C4SIF). He was a partner at Duane Morris LLP and the general counsel for Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. 
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71 pages
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