A Guide to Distributed Digital Preservation (Katherine Skinner)

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This quantity is dedicated to the vast subject matter of allotted virtual protection, a nevertheless-emerging field of exercise for the cultural memory arena. Replication and distribution preserve out the promise of indefinite upkeep of materials without degradation, however setting up effective organizational and technical processes to enable this shape of digital preservation are daunting.

Institutions need practical examples of how this task can be accomplished in manageable, low-cost ways.

This manual is written with a large target audience in thoughts that includes librarians, archivists, pupils, curators, technologists, legal professionals, and administrators. Readers may also use this guide to advantage each a philosophical and sensible information on the emerging subject of disbursed virtual renovation, together with a way to set up or be a part of a community.

It starts off evolved with an advent to essential problems associated with digital preservation metadata before proceeding to in-intensity insurance of problems regarding its realistic use and implementation.

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(February 22, 2010); eBook (Creative Commons Licensed)
154 pages
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