A Field Guide to Genetic Programming (Riccardo Poli, et al)

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A Field Guide to Genetic Programming (Riccardo Poli, et al)

This e-book to presents a whole and coherent assessment of the concept of Genetic Programming (GP)). This particular assessment of this exciting approach is written with the aid of three of the maximum active scientists in GP.

Genetic Programming (GP) is a scientific, domain-independent technique for purchasing computers to remedy troubles routinely beginning from an excessive-level announcement of what needs to be completed. using ideas from herbal evolution, GP starts off evolving from an ooze of random pc applications, and step by step refines them via strategies of mutation and sexual recombination until high-health answers emerge.

All this without the user having to understand or specify the shape or shape of answers earlier. GP has generated a plethora of human-aggressive consequences and programs, including novel scientific discoveries and patentable inventions. This specific overview of this thrilling technique is written by 3 of the most active scientists in GP.

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